Costs for the production of a site will vary depending on the complexity and amount of work involved, but will be based on a standard hourly rate and past experiences of developing similar sites.

Don't forget to allocate some budget for photography or site images, or for editing existing images.

It is normally the responsibility of the site owner to produce the content although Kennetiq will gladly help with this if required. A common problem is for a site owner to get bogged down creating or editing content for just a few sections of the site (usually products or services) without having content for the other sections. Creating a synopsis for all sections allows the site to be completed for launch even if all content is not ready as extra or more detailed content can be added later.

A common oversight when building a site is to not set aside a budget for additional images or imagery that might be needed. The site design may or may not incorporate additional images - this will depend to some extent on the original brief - although probably will include reference to the type of images to be used. These images may be photographs of products, or more general images from an image library depicting or symbolising particular services.

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